Quick Table of Contents
  1. Table of Contents
  2. Preface
  3. Section 1: Application Design Concepts and Principles
  4. Section 2: Common Architectures
  5. Section 3: Integration and Messaging
  6. Section 4: Business Tiers Technologies
  7. Section 5: Web Tier Technologies
  8. Section 6: Applicability of Java EE Technology
  9. Section 7: Patterns
  10. Section 8: Security


This document is a very short summary of the books, articles, and guides I used to prepare for the exam. The content corresponds to the official exam objectives in the same order.

The following references are used:

The goal of this document is to refresh the already acquired knowledge from the material used before the exam. The text is therefore kept as short as possible. It is recommended to read the material listed above before using this document.

Lakshmi - 8 March 2012Great compilation, all in a nutshell! Thanks!
Monika - 15 April 2012i have learnt alot more than i ever knew b4. with my first 3 i didnt leraly know much because i was young and didnt leraly think about it as much as i did with my 4th. plus with my 4th i felt things i never felt b4. so i would try and look it up and it would always lead me to here, so i learnt more than i could ever say, and going threw the experience and ppl understanding what i was going threw, made me learn and relax. and now im a top contributor in pregnancy because i learnt so much.This place should be well respected and used for learning, not stupidity.
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