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  1. Table of Contents
  2. Preface
  3. Section 1: Application Design Concepts and Principles
  4. Section 2: Common Architectures
  5. Section 3: Integration and Messaging
  6. Section 4: Business Tiers Technologies
  7. Section 5: Web Tier Technologies
  8. Section 6: Applicability of Java EE Technology
  9. Section 7: Patterns
  10. Section 8: Security



Decouple interface from implementation, so that the two can vary.




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Karthik - 13 April 2012Interesting topic.I believe that good dsceiion came from a good balance of owning the operational knowledge and long term vision. Unless an architect can predict everything upfront with little room of failures, most of Architects should be with the team, attend stand ups, take part of code reviews, take on critical user story/work items/task, do unit test, not break the build as much as the next guy. More importantly, he is responsible for sharing the vision and long term business goals with the team. A good idea IS a good idea despite who had thought of it, at times, those might not come from the most senior person in the room. It is up to the culture of the team to empower people to own the problem together and be as caring as the next guy.
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