Quick Table of Contents
  1. Table of Contents
  2. Preface
  3. Section 1: Application Design Concepts and Principles
  4. Section 2: Common Architectures
  5. Section 3: Integration and Messaging
  6. Section 4: Business Tiers Technologies
  7. Section 5: Web Tier Technologies
  8. Section 6: Applicability of Java EE Technology
  9. Section 7: Patterns
  10. Section 8: Security

GoF Design Patterns

  1. Creational Patterns
  2. Structural Patterns
  3. Behavorial Patterns

Cheryl - 15 April 2012Check the links I gave in the further inedrag section. They should be quite helpful. And stay tuned to this blog, I'll be posting more things related to software design and architecture.
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